High wear-resistant sandblasted hose

High pressure oil drilling hose
August 18, 2018

High wear-resistant sandblasted hose

High wear-resistant sandblasted hose

1. Product technical support:
This product is jointly developed by experts of the United Nations Hose and Tape Research Center of the company’s technical department, using unique formula and advanced technology.
2. Product Features:
Inner rubber: Polyurethane and butyl rubber are the main raw materials, and special reinforcing agent is added. The color of the finished rubber is yellow transparent, with high wear resistance, high toughness and high pressure resistance. The wear resistance index is 2-3 times that of ordinary sandblasting hose. In the same industry, enjoy the reputation of “wearing king”.
Reinforced layer The
cloth blasting hose is made of high-quality rubbing tape as the reinforcing layer, which has good flexibility and strong pressure bearing capacity. The
steel blasting hose is woven with special steel wire for copper-plated hose, and the working pressure is 3-4 times that of the cloth hose. High pressure resistance and superior flex resistance.
3. Scope of application: The
products are mainly used in various tunnel projects, wells, caverns, slope protection and anchoring, and have a wide range of applications in the fields of hydropower, mining and military defense.
4. Quality Commitment: It is
recommended to use this product in comparison with other manufacturers’ products for the first time to compare the superiority of our products. Less than the normal sandblasting hose performance, the full payment is refunded.

Model indicator project
Sandblasting hose
Inner layer glue
Outer layer glue
Tensile strength Mpa% is not less than
The breaking strength Mpa% is not less than
Hot air aging 70C×72H
Tensile strength change rate%
Elongation rate of change of elongation
+10 -30
Abrasion (cubic centimeter) CM is not less than
The adhesion strength between layers is not less than
the inside diameter of
Glue thickness
Nominal size



(twenty two)

The above specifications are based on the HG/T2192-91 standard. The special specifications and models of steel wire braided sandblasting hoses and cloth sandblasting hoses can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements.

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