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July 7, 2018
Three factors affecting the service life of high pressure rubber hose
July 24, 2018

high pressure steam rubber hose, EPDM steam hose

steam hose manufactured in EPDM rubber tube reinforced with Single wire R7-1 and R7-2 Double wire braided of high tensile steel used as flexible rubber steam hose for saturated steam delivery up to 180°C / 356°F (1 wire HTS) and up to 210°C / 410°F (2 wire braid) for high pressure pumping & heat control in large exhaust steam and vapor mains in sugar factories, steam flow driven water in thermal power stations,

high pressure steam rubber hose is used to deliver steam for fire prevention, heat control and other places. steam rubber hose is very flexible and it is resistant to vibration. It is composed of three parts: tube, reinforcement and cover. The tube is made from high quality black and smooth synthetic rubber, mainly EPDM, which is highly resistant to high temperature. Therefore, the hose can deliver steam safely. The reinforcement is made from one layer or two layers of high tensile and high strength braided steel wire, making the hose have solid structure and work well in high pressure environment. The cover is made from high quality EPDM, making the hose resistant to abrasion, corrosion, aging, weather, ozone and high temperature. Besides, the hose is resistant to bursting, cracking and crushing even under large pressure difference and accidental exposure to flame.

Tube: Black EPDM
Reinforcement: Plies of fiberglass tire cord
Cover: Smooth black weather and abrasion resistant EPDM
Length: 100 ft.Temperature Range: Up to +338°F

Application range:

Transfer the maximum working pressure and saturated steam at 270PSI and 430°F (+220°C), using

Superheated steam will shorten the life of the hose, and normal hose drainage after each use will increase the service life.

If detergent or oil is present, it is not recommended for flushing applications.

Outer layer:

Red or black EPDM rubber, heat resistant, surface finish, pinhole technology

Strengthening layer:

High tension steel wire braid

Inner layer:

Black EPDM rubber, heat resistant

Not for steam cleaning

Working pressure:

Constant pressure

18Bar (270PSI)

temperature range:

-40°C (-40°F) to +220°C (+430°F)

116171 00016.
IDODworking pressureburst pressureweightcoil length
mminch mminchbarpsibarpsikgm
RST 13131/2”2511827018027000.5340/61
RST16165/8”301 1/161827018027000.7540/61
RST19193/4”331 19/641827018027000.7840/61
RST2525111401 19/321827018027001.0340/61
RST32321-1/4,丨481 29/321827018027001.4140/61
RST38381-1/2”542 1/81827018027001.7840/61
RST5151X693 23/321827018027002.5840/61
RST63632-1/2”813 13/641827018027003.1640/61
RST76763,,943 45/641827018027004.0240/61

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1. Use: For the delivery of saturated steam or superheated water from 165 °C to 220 °C, it is suitable for soft piping such as steam cleaner, steam hammer, flat vulcanizing machine and injection molding machine.

2. Features: The inner and outer rubber layers of the hose are made of synthetic rubber with excellent heat resistance. The tube body is characterized by softness, lightness, flexibility and high heat resistance.

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